Possibility of Participating in Conference as Attendance and Non-attendance

🕔 17 Jan 16

For benefiting the cooperation of professors, researchers and university students in Turkey, Iran and all over the world, the secretariat of conference decides to register for non-attendance participation in conference from the desired ones who do not have the possibility of attending the conference. The non-attendance participants from all over the world can participate in conference via Webinar system of conference and be aware of the conference as online via Webinar system of conference site. So the researchers, who register in the conference as non-attendance, will benefits from all services of conference in case of non-attending the conference and completing the registration stages (there is no difference in issued certificates for attendance and non-attendances participants). It shall be noted that full information are provided in menu of registration tariffs.


Dear user, if you have not registered please click the Register button. It is worth noting for submission and use of all facilities you must be registered .


Registration is free for all.